Car Coverage: The Dangers of the Sun in Your Vehicle

12 de May de 2019

Car Coverage: The Dangers of the Sun in Your Vehicle


Car cover can prevent serious damage to your car. The hot weather, in addition to increasing the internal temperature of the vehicle, spoils the paint, seats and plastic parts. Especially if the car is subjected to super sun exposure. The incidence of ultraviolet rays on the body causes a whitish stain and burns on the paint. Those who suffer the most from solar effects are cars of dark colors. Black, red, blue and green vehicles, because they retain more heat, absorb the sun more. For this reason, they burn more easily than lighter colors. “In white cars the tendency is to paint yellow.” “The layer of varnish applied on the paint is not enough to protect cars from the effects of the sun. That is why paint tends to discolor. “

The sun also presents a danger to the plastic parts of the car. To get an idea, the panel of a car that is exposed to a temperature of 35 degrees centigrade reaches up to 65 degrees. If the car is black in color, the heat that affects the piece can reach 68 degrees. “The panel, bumpers, knobs and other parts exposed to the sun’s rays tend to dry out and become opaque. In some cases it may crack. “


There are some precautions that prevent the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays from damaging the car: Carry out polishing the paint after washing. A more efficient and enduring way is revitalization. “It is suitable for cars that have a loss of color.” In the process of revitalizing the paint are used more abrasive products, which remove the oxidation, small scratches, imperfections and stains caused by excessive exposure to the sun. The acrylic polymer, which makes up the revitalizing wax, provides an intense glow and the protection needed to paint the car.

SHADESPARKING shaders are covers that provide thermal comfort, as they reduce the internal temperature of the vehicle and also protect against Ultra Violet (U.V.) solar radiation. The screen (high density polyethylene) used in the cover allows the circulation of the air ensuring a feeling of freshness.

The shaders are manufactured in different colors and sizes for better suitability and use of space. In compliance with safety standards, the screen has flame retardant certification and the shader has the capacity to withstand winds up to 100 km / h.

The SHADESPARKING car cover, better known as Sombreadores. They were developed with a modern design, resulting in an aesthetic standard, incorporating lightness, harmony and color to the places where they are installed.

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